STEM: Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

I found this snazzy infographic courtesy of TechSchool. It demonstrates the STEM job gap that is present in most large cities & the lack of women to fill these positions. In 1985, 37% of women were working to graduate with tech majors. But as of 2010, that number has dwindled down to a mere 18%. Let’s get that number up ladies! Share this with a future She-Geek & help women move up in the tech industry. Continue reading “STEM: Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math”

#FabPlugins Accessories for your code: 5 jQuery slider plugins

The web is full of open source goodies to “shop” through helping us to add shiny new bling to our sites. Every-time I’m on github, themeforest or jQueryrain I feel like I’m on Etsy with unlimited free credits! It’s quite the rush. The #FabPlugins series is my way to share my favorite finds with you. So, without further ado, lets get accessorizing our websites! Continue reading “#FabPlugins Accessories for your code: 5 jQuery slider plugins”

Reading Rainbow: A great article about girls & coding on Mashable

The lack of women and girls in computer science is a well-documented problem. Now it’s time for the average person to finally do something about it.

In the 1980s, even when companies primarily marketed personal computers to boys, there was more gender parity in the professional field. About 37% of computer science undergraduate degrees were awarded to women in 1984; that number decreased to 18% in 2014. It’s estimated only one in every four schools in the U.S. teaches coding, even though56% of teachers think it should be mandatory.

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Navigate the command line using Terminal: Part 1

This quick & dirty tutorial will help newbies get the hang of the Command line in Mac’s Terminal. If you have never used Terminal before, that’s okay, this will guide you through some basics to get you started.

Before we start, let’s ask a question. What is the command line?

The command line interface (in our case┬áTerminal) is a way for the user to control a computer by issuing it text commands. This was the primary way computers were run throughout the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s. Today however, computers have easy to use GUI’s (Graphical User Interfaces) and CLI’s are mainly used by advanced users.

Isn’t that great, after this tutorial you’re on you way to being an Advanced User!

Alright, let’s get started. Continue reading “Navigate the command line using Terminal: Part 1”

Hello Everyone! #myfirstblogpost

Hi. My name is Jessica Jean. I’m a front end web developer studying my way to becoming a full-stack engineer. I decided blogging would be a great way to share my knowledge and love of code with the world. So, here I am! To get started, I’ll try to make one post a week. Look for my first REAL post shortly.

All the best,